What We Offer?

We are a Management Consultancy Company Established and worked since 2012 in Turkey. We have joined to Exporting and Importing Business at 2017. We already doing Consultancies about Importing, Exporting, Quality Management Systems, Trade Mark Registration, Invesment Feasibilities, Franchise Systems Setting Up, Training and Selling in Country and Abroad. Making projects to EU Comissions, Turkish and Abroad Governments for Grants and incentives.


We can give the Consultancy services which begins from Entrepreneurship to institutionalization or branding. Invesment, Quality Systems Management, Exporting Importing, Web Design, B2B or B2C, Retail POS, Barcode, Personnel Tracking Systems, All types of Business Trainings we are offering...

Export & Importing

Except the Consultancy Services, we are doing Export and Importing business for our customers and our selves. We are searching The Most wanted products to abroad and in our country. If you have sellable goods or services, we can search and find suitable buyers for you. The Best Way to Invest or Marketing, get Consulting from us

Project Preparation for Grants

We are preparing projects for Local and international authorities for very different kinds of grants. Include in Turkey KOSGEB, Developing Agencies, TUBITAK and Ministry of Economy. For International grants. EU Comission or Foreign Countries Authorities projects.


We are prepairing all kinds of ISO systems, Turkish Standarts ( TSE ), CE certifications or all kinds of international quality certifications and Examine the ready systems for certificate. We are working on tailor made Quality systems for your corporate life. No unneeded Documents, Just be Ready To Go!

TradeMark Registration

The protection for trademarks in Turkey is available to natural and legal persons who are domiciled or who have industrial or commercial establishments within the territory of the Turkish Republic, or to the persons who have application rights resulting from the terms of the Paris or Bern Conventions or the Agreement Establishing World Trade Organization.

Franchise Marketing

We are setting up and selling Franchise systems. We are starting to work franchise companies from the begining of the idea, train their staff, helping the most valuable in shop interiors, be with them at customer meetings, prepairing right agreements and solving startup at national or international Franchises

Our main objectives focusing to a company needs marketing to abroad. Quality, Certification, Productivity, Sustainability, Confirmability and After Sale Services.

What do people think about the right service and the advice given with the right information?


We have worked together on the quality management system in the hunting rifle manufacturing sector, one of the hardest sectors in the world. When we received our documents, we established a quality management system for our operation. We did not think this process could be as comfortable as it was. We learned how important it is to work with quality management and a good consulting firm. Thanks Technofis

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