Our company, Technofis Consultancy, Education, Organization, Import, Export, Industry and Trade. Ltd. Sti. Was established on 25.07.2012 as a private company for the purpose of consultancy, project preparation and organization of business trips abroad. As a limited company on 01.01.2017, it has strengthened its capital and its place in its commercial life. In addition to consulting services in 2014, KOSGEB offers services such as entrepreneurship trainings, feasibility, job health and safety, trademark and patent registration services, Web services, Security alarm services, Software services, Barcode and Personnel tracking systems, ISO, TSE and CE certifications in 2015 further expanding its range. Our company, which started export operations in September of 2017, has the capacity to meet all the needs of an operator.

We currently provide service in our offices in Düzce, Bodrum, Istanbul and Ankara with the number 54-HYB-3712 in TS 13573 standard.



Technofis Danismanlik TSE Belgemiz     Technofis Danismanlik ISO 9001:2015

Our mission

At TechNofis Consultancy, we provide our customers with accurate, accurate, and affordable solutions that address management needs. During the realization of these activities, it is our mission to provide satisfaction to all of your employees and investors in the region, to increase the quality of service, to keep education and employment developments at a high level and to provide them with a working relationship with the State.

Our Vision

Believing that real values will be achieved through self-sacrifice and proper planning, we work to rehabilitate the tradition of Ahmics, which has been grieved in our country, but has been disappearing. To create institutions that can take part in the rise of institutions that accept these values, believing that our country can set world standards again.

We have set out to create robust and reliable companies in the new market conditions and to be able to have the values of old ethical Anatolian Ahilik. We are consulting with the purpose of showing that we can be a country that will set the World Standards again, growing in these difficult conditions and supporting the new and old entrepreneurs who want to produce the best service in the most suitable conditions.

Beautiful than the other supports that are provided by the Republic of Turkey and to inform you about the grants that benefit our business.

Joint for the BEST!

About Us

I. Serdar Demirbilek – Management Consultant

1977 born in Bursa, native Duzce.

Denizli Gazi Primary School, Muğla Bodrum High School, Anadolu University, Faculty of Management Administration and Organization Department.

After working as a teacher in Bursa and Duzce for a while, he has been working in Bodrum, Istanbul and Bursa for several years in the Tourism, Construction and Food sectors as Middle and Upper level manager.

Marketing, Foreign Trade, Franchise and Education, International Institutions.

After his work in the franchise sector, he entered the consulting sector in 2012.

After consulting in the first office he established in Bodrum region in 2012, he expanded his services with the second office he founded in Duzce in July 2012. In the last 6 years, it provided export consultancy to over 190 companies in Duzce and the surrounding areas, management consultancy and project service in over 270 operations.

Sentez Software, Perkon Electronics, Pharmax medicine, Ideasoft, Webticari, Ideasoft Authorized dealer.

With KOSGEB support, 16 Enterprises Institutionalization studies have been carried out within the scope of SME Project and they continue to work on “Institutionalization in Family Companies”.

Especially in the manufacturing sector and with the Institutionalization of Cold Storage Depots, he specializes in Management and also works with Düzce University in Foreign Trade, Occupational Health and Safety, Quality Management Systems.

With ISO systems and TSE certification, we support our customers in CE and certify them.

KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Instructor. KOSGEB has made feasibility and projecting studies on development agency, EU and foreign funds and investment projects, and continues to do so.

Founding President of the Association for Supporting Entrepreneurship. He is the Chairman of the Entrepreneurial Businessmen Association.

He has been teaching Project Management and Entrepreneurship courses at Duzce University Faculty of Health.

He prepared the Preliminary Feasibility Report of Duzce Livestock Specialized Organized Industrial Zone (HOSB) with the support of MARKA Development Agency with the team of Gümüşova District Agriculture Directorate.

EU Horizon program Continues to work with regional firms and Duzce University on sustainable food security, Pre-feasibility study on Health Tourism in Duzce Akcakoca, International Dialysis and Physical Therapy Hotel, Giader Foreign Trade Center (DTM) project.

In addition to this, Duzce ili Cilimli District Municipality is an EU Project Authorized Adviser of Georgia Zugdidi Municipality provides consultancy services for EU projects.

He is Consulting for the Project Consultant at: Duzce, Zonguldak, Akcakoca, Alapli, Kdz. Eregli, Caycuma and Devrek Chambers of Commerce, Sakarya and Duzce Chamber Of Grocery Stores and Dealers . He also he is working on at the same time, as Project Responsible for the Ministry of Commerce Development of international competition (URGE) project in the name of those 7 Chambers of Commerce.



Mustafa Yigit – Economist – Consultant of Information Systems

Born in 1966 in Duzce.
He is a graduate of Anadolu University, Faculty of Economics.
In 1996 he met with Informatics sector.
In 1998 he founded KUBAN Computer which is one of the most well known brands of Düzce. He is currently a Corporate Consultant for Software, Security and Web Solutions and Electronics.
KOSGEB Entrepreneurship instructor.

Abdullah Sener – Agricultural Engineer

He was born in Istanbul, Uskudar. He is a graduate of the Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Ankara University.
Between 2002 and 2008, for 50 more enterprises; For the Food Operations of Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Provincial Directorate of Health, preparation of food registration certificate and production permit documents were done.
He worked as a Food Production Manager in full-time 5 operations.
Between 2008 and 2013 he worked as Duzce Municipality Director of Pest Management.
Within the scope of the “Valuable Agriculture Project”, he worked for 22 months at Ferrero Roche as an Agricultural Engineer and gained experience in the hazelnut sector.

Orhan Akbulut – Business Management Associate