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We are making Ideasoft Dealership in E-Commerce

@ Trade Internet Sales Systems (With Professional Virtual Store systems, you can sell your products in your virtual store.)

ideasoft since 2005, offering web and mobile-based software solutions, Internet Technology for All Colors with the principle of providing services to you, is Turkey’s leading e-commerce infrastructure provider. We are a technology company that produces quality projects and solutions that will increase competitiveness and create added value in the process of realizing business objectives of small and large scale companies of all sizes.


E-Commerce Sites

In addition, we are in the business of Private Professional, Promotion Web Sites!


Software Solutions

Technofis Consulting; It provides all kinds of software that it needs to operate, accounting, hot / cold sale, reservation, barcoded sales and production management programs to its valuable solution customers with its national solution partner firms.

Sentez is Software Distributor.
Production Automation (Commercial Software-Production Software-Hotel Management Systems)

Sentez Software offers solutions from 1992 in order to make better business management and more competitive in every sector in many sectors. It has always been a basic philosophy to offer the best quality and quick solutions at the most reasonable price.

The new ERP Business Solutions Platform, which has been developed by using the tools that are accepted as today’s modern software models in architectural design, taking into consideration the knowledge of the solutions given to the large and medium users in different sectors for 23 years and the suggestions from the users, has started to offer all the business processes that an operator may need in one platform .

New Generation pos Solutions
Cloud Solutions
HR Management Solutions
CRM Management Solutions
Fixed Asset Management Solutions
Guest Hospitality Solutions
Textile Solutions
Apparel Solutions

Atiker Yazılım

We are the Atiker Software Distributor

Atiker Software was established in the Technology Development Zone of Selçuk University in 2014 as a reflection of the technological leadership of the Atiker Group of Companies, which is a leader in the sectors in which it operates.

The Group aimed to build a broad dealer network in order to bring the commercializable products obtained in the AR-GE activities that the companies needed to the country’s economy. In addition to this, the company develops the software products needed by the companies, primarily in the area of ​​companies working in the field of outsourcing work, including companies.
As a result of new product development, new technology development and capacity enhancement activities, in a short period of time, the company has made serious projects, developed AR-GE products for high technology products and developed value-added software products. There are more than 30 specialist staff consisting of Computer, Industrial, Electronics, Mechatronic Engineers and Computer Programmers.
Our professional business understanding we have gained, our young and dynamic team we have created, through our values ​​and goals we gave to humanity the moment not only in Turkey, as soon as the solutions we have made special for almost all sectors worldwide were able to take place on every platform.

Atiker Software; We aim to offer solutions designed in parallel with the goals of our group companies and to sign projects that will create value for our country.

Perkon Automation Systems, Dealership.

Barcode Readers – Barcode Printers – Barcode Scales – Pos Systems – Personnel Tracking Systems

PERKON, which is one of the leading companies in the Automatic Identification and Data Acquisition (OT / VT) sector, also known as “Barcode Systems”, started its operation in 1997. Since its establishment, with its strong and widespread business partners and increasing customer portfolio, It has targeted.

PERKO the ARGOX, ATID, DATALOGIC, HIT, the Impinj, DIGI, M3 MOBILE, PARTNER, POSTLAB, pricier, SEWOO and WIDEFLY as one of the leading brands in the world, provides TURKEY distributor and after-sales service support.

PERKON with more than 100 expert staff and 600 denier franchise; manufacturing, logistics, retail, healthcare and public sectors.

The PERKON; Bar code readers (CCD, laser, industrial type, Radio frequency cordless) in different models, Windows based hand terminals, label printer (stationary and portable), Personnel attendance control systems, cafeteria control systems, price controllers , Vehicle Accounting Systems (our own product), RFID reader, antenna and tags, Slot readers (Card applications).

In addition, there are software applications such as custom warehouse, stock counting, mobile market and order, inventory tracking, barcode labeling, RFID Vehicle tracking and ERP integrations.

Especially with representatives of the companies that have the technical personnel training certificates PERKO, service support and analysis in the field is among the leading companies in Turkey.

PERKON creates its own brand with successful R & D studies and looks forward to the future with confidence.


Barcode Readers
Barcode Printers
Handheld Terminals
Touch POS PC
Memorized Barcode Readers
Next Generation Payment Recorder
Plug Printers
Digital Levels
Industrial Stable Readers
Card Printers
Packing Machines
Food Processing and Protection Machines
Passport Readers
Price and Kiosk systems

Web Ticari Software, Dealership.

Commercial Programs (Online Business Software-Field Sales Systems-CRM Applications-Warehouse Tracking Systems

Our company was established in 2006 to perform software R & D studies. In 2007, we started to develop online commercial applications working in the internet environment. He decided to develop his field of expertise in this field and he divided his capital into this project. As a result of 2 years of work; has completely finished the application of WebTicari working on the internet and has the power to spend the energy to develop this application.

Our company has also developed software in a new technology field such as pocket computer (PDA), and brought online web software running on PDA to the market.

Our company, which accepts that our country is the software of the future in order to provide job opportunities to young people and to bring foreign exchange to the country, will continue to work by accelerating these and similar projects.

The fast, incredible development in technology has covered the pages of classical commercial software and has led businesses to online software. Thus, in the global business world, the efficiency and quality are improved while saving time, elements, fuel and scrap. Our company, which analyzes the needs in this area, presented the webticari application to the developing market.

Independent of the office, at home, at work, on the road, on board or in the car; WebTicari, easy-to-use, practical, secure software that can track work on a desktop, laptop or mobile computer; is a dynamic software that constantly improves itself.

If you can not find a chance to meet a computer, they will enjoy selling it by touch. Your branches will not be far away, but under your hand.

Webticari application works independent of the operating system web browser. Worse, accidental, fire, theft, carelessly lost from the given companies do not hurt, loss of data completely removes the risk.

With the successes in online applications, do not waste time seeing the difference between your competitors, experiencing the commercial program comfort, controlling your business and taking part in the webticari family. Get in touch with our authorized dealers, get free demo users and get started right away, pay later.


WebTicari (Integrated Online Business Management Software including Accounting, Production, CRM)




  • Project Management and Tracking
  • Remote support
  • Document Management and File Storage
  • Collaborative Website simplicity
  • Calendar App and Reminder
  • Informing with Sms
  • Invoice Software
  • Accounting Software
  • Sales force automation
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Customer Support Software
  • Online Database
  • E-Marketing
  • Error Attachment
  • Online Reporting
  • Email Hosting
  • Online Tables
  • Calculator
  • Online Word Processor
  • Convertible Reports

ERP12 Dealership

Food Sector, Retail, Cafe-Restaurant, Textile, Electronics, Construction, Auto Spare Parts, Manufacturing Sector Software

In order to facilitate the work of all our bosses who are trying to support the development and growth of our country with the slogan “WHAT A BOSS WANT”, and to support their future plans,

We are producing software that meets the needs of the fast and the times for our Kobilerimiz, who want to keep up with the rapidly developing technology and use this development in the best way in the business.


Parametric content allows for comfortable working with the structure, simple and easy to use brings with it.

Until today, easier to use than other conventional software, but with more functionality will be an indispensable part of your business life.

The only common point of all sectors is Erp12; has been considered separately for all sectors operating in the market and it has been produced with a common sense of trade.

Erp12; it will allow you to spend more time collecting unnecessary loads on all the departments that work in you and your company.

Erp12 products are faster, more efficient and easier; will bring a lot of innovation to the business.

It will recognize your customers better, your business will adopt a new software understanding with more than one button that can control and bring the finances with one touch.


Our ERP12 Solutions,
Our Supply Chain Solutions,
PC Pos Solutions,
Our Android Solutions,