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Our education services we provide:

Kosgeb LogoKOSGEB Applied Entrepreneurship Trainings


Iso Icon E1453912560619ISO Quality Management System Trainings

Training Name
ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Basic Training
ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Internal Auditor Training
ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System Basic Training
ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System Internal Auditor Training
OHSAS 18001: 2007 Basic Training on Occupational Health and Safety
OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Internal Auditor Training
ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety Management System Basic Training
ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety Management System Internal Auditor Training
ISO 16949 Basic Education
ISO 13485 (ISO / TR 14969 Compliant) Basic Training
ISO 16949 Internal Auditor Training
IWA-1 (ISO 9001 Applied) Basic Training in Hospitals
GlobalGap Basic Training
ISO / TR 10013 System Documentation Training
ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management Training
ISO 10015 Training Management System Basic Training
ISO 10017 Statistical Techniques Training
ISO 10012 Calibration Management (Measurement Management System) Basic Training
ISO 10006 Project Management Basic Training
ISO 10007 Configuration (Traceability) Management Basic Training
Total Quality Training
IWA-2 (ISO 9001 Application) Basic Education in Public and Private Education Institutions
IWA-4 (ISO 9001 Implementation) Basic Training in Local Governments
ISO 17025 Testing and Calibration Laboratories Basic Training
ISO 17025 Testing and Calibration Laboratories Internal Auditor Training
ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Basic Education
ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Internal Auditor Training
ISO 13485 (ISO / TR 14969 Compliance) Internal Auditor Training
ISO 31000 Risk Management Basic Training
ISO 14971 Risk Management in Medical Devices
Quality Assurance Certificate Program
ISO 19011 Basic Internal Auditor Training
ISO 10005 Quality Control Management Basic Training
BRC Basic Education
ITU Good Agricultural Practices Basic Education
GlobalGap Internal Auditor Training
ITU Good Agricultural Practices Internal Auditor Training
ISO 50001 (BS EN 16001) Energy Management System Basic Training
ISO 50001 (BS EN 16001) Energy Management System Internal Auditor Training
TS EN ISO 15189 Medical Laboratories – Special Conditions for Quality and Competence Basic Training
TS EN ISO 15189 Medical Laboratories – Special Conditions for Quality and Competence Internal Auditor Training

Ce CE Marking Trainings

Training Name
CE Machinery Safety Directive Training
CE Mark Basic Information Training
CE Marking Training in Medical Devices
CE Marking Training in Building Materials
CE Elevator Directive Training

Kisisel Gelisim Personal Development Trainings

Training Name
Effective Written Communication and Reporting Techniques Training
Effective Presentation Techniques
Telephone Interview Techniques
Communication Skills Education
Team Management Training
Hot Sales Training
Performance Training
Professional Ethics Education
Effective Communication and Image Training
Personal Trust Basic Education
Personal Presentations and Communication Basic Training
Relationship Management and Care Basic Education
Archiving Filing
Team and Team Training Trainings
Nature Sports Tourism Education

MeslekigelisimkurumsalegitimBusiness Development Trainings

Training Name
5 S Training
Process Management and Development Training
FMEA Training
Financing Training
Human Resources Management Training
Foreign Trade Basic Education
Cost Control Training
Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment Training (Compliant with Legal and Regulatory Requirements)
Occupational Health and Safety Basic Training (Legal and Regulatory Compliant)
Educator’s Training (ISO 10015 Compliant)
General Metrology and Calibration
Standardization in Foreign Trade and World Trade Organization (WTO) Training
Data Analysis Training
Kaizen Education
Statistical Process Control Training (SPC)
Risk Management Training
Measurement Uncertainty Basic Training
Medical Calibration Basic Training
Laboratory Instruments Calibration Basic Training
Vocational Information Training

Kurumsal Specialist Training

Training Name
Business and Career Opportunities in National and International Markets
Business Plan, Project Management and Feasibility Study Preparation Training
Institutional Opening; Increasing Service Quality
Customer Satisfaction, Public Relations and Communication Training
Hygiene and Sanitation Training in Food Businesses
Project Cycle Training
Quality Expert Training Program for Developing the Quality Infrastructure of Public Institutions and Organizations within the framework of EU Norms
Solid Waste Management and Sustainable Environmental Management System
Cultural Mushroom Breeding
Good Agricultural Practices and Global Gap Training in Hazelnut Production
Last Accreditation at Ask
Corporate Development Training
Quality Service Training with Quality Management System
HACCP Plan Preparation and Management Training
Applied ArcGis Training for Developing Geographical Information Systems
Feasibility Preparation Training for Investment Projects
Hygiene education
Personal Development Training in the Training of Trainers for Agricultural Publication Success
Alternative Production Sources and Seizure Programs
Management Systems Lead Auditing Training
Public Tender Legislation Training
Sustainable Environment
Institutional Capacity Development Training
Quality Service Delivery Training with New Investigations
Standardization, Accreditation and Certification Practices in Foreign Trade
A-2 Type Engineering Acustic Education
Turkish Commercial Code Application Methods Training
Good Agricultural Practices and Global Gap Training
Quality Service Presentation with New Researches
Culture and Tourism Personnel Preparing for the Cultural Capital of the Turkish World Education
Standardization in Foreign Trade, Accreditation and Certification Applications Chief Auditor Training
Public Procurement Legislation Training Course
MS Office Programs Training
Graphic – Web Design Training
Smiling Safety
Calligraphy Basic Education
Increasing Service Efficiency-Lean Manufacturing Training
Customer Relationship Management, Satisfaction and Linkage Creation Training
Efficiency Feeding Methods in Dairy Cattle
Institutionalization Training in Family Companies
Basic Lean Productivity Training
Public Relations and Communication Training
Research and Product Development Consultancy
Hotel Management and Tourism Education
Alternative Tourism Practices Action Plan Preparation Consultancy
Accounting and Finance Applications Training
Amateur Maritime and Sailing Tourism Trainers
Quality Management Training Focused on Corporate Excellence
Environmental Management System Documentation Training
Environmental Risk Analysis Training
Environmental Legislation Training
SWOT Analysis Training
Strategic Planning Training
Internal Control Action Plan Training
EFQM Training
6 Sigma Training
IFS Internal Auditor Training
Successful Adult Education
EIA Report Preparation Training
The Role of Personal Development in Police Training Course
Diction and Effective Education
Work Preparation Training
Behavior Development and Physical Education
Time Management Training
Personal Image-Protocol and Etiquette Training
Biomedical Calibration Training
First Aid Information Training
Sales Strategies and Marketing Techniques Training
Good Agricultural Practices and Organic Farming Education
International Standards of Agricultural Sector and Management Systems Education
Executive Assistant and Office Management Training
Body Language and Effective Communication Training
Sampling and Acceptance Training to Provide Analysis Quality
Mental Arithmetic Education
Contact Trainer Training
Chess Training
Mother Child Development Education
Innovation Training
Effective Communication for Efficient Education
Training in Hospital Hospitality
Laboratory Safety Training
Management and Organization Training
Process Management Training
CV Preparation and Interview Techniques Training
Process Management and Modern Management Skills Training
Global Market and Standardization System Training
Conscious Irrigation Training
Training on the Use of Agrochemicals and Fertilizers in Fruit Production
ISO 14644 Standards Clean Room and Cabinet Validation Training
Soil Efficiency Focused Plant Health Plant Nutrition and Marketing Techniques Training
Sign Language Teaching
Success with Planning; Training Coaching
Family Education
Truffle Mushroom Breeding Training
Patent and Trademark Education
AR-GE Training
Creative Drama Education
Occupational Health and Safety Training in the Health Sector
Successful Entrepreneurship Training
Successful Job Interview Techniques Training
Child Development and Education Skills
Legislation Adaptation Project Training
Sales Techniques and Customer Relationship Management Training
Entrepreneurship, Coaching and Management Training
Success and Motivation Training
Leadership and Leadership Development Training
Cultural Differences and Communication Education
Touristic English Education
Correct Communication Training with Stress Management
Food Quality and Control Training
Conscious Producer For Future Generations Quality Milk
Re-structuring and Re-Organization Training
My Coach My
Brand Management
Sales Techniques and Marketing
Governance in provinces
EU Project Management Training (PCM)
National and International Grant and Incentive Systems Training
Applied Project Writing Techniques Training
Project Plan and Budget Preparation Training
Project Idea Production (Creative